Bitcoin Blueprint – The Quickstart Guide to Bitcoin For the Real World


Bitcoin has gained over 5,000% in value this year and many are calling it the future of money. Should you join this payment revolution? This eBook lays the groundwork for beginners looking to get their feet wet with Bitcoins.

The Basics of Bitcoin
Where Bitcoin came from
The Pros & Cons of the Bitcoin Payment Platform
How Bitcoin Works, Explained
Should you Buy or Mine for Bitcoins?
Securing your Bitcoins – A Must Read!
Using Bitcoin in the Real World
The Future of Bitcoins and why that matters to you
Tons of Reference content to continue your education on the Payment Revolution that is Bitcoin

Don’t worry about the complex nature of Bitcoin. With years of experience with Bitcoins, Marcin brings you the ultimate Blueprint to how Bitcoins work for those without a technical background.

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